Covered padel courts

Personalized and certified padel covers

Your padel court can be used all year round thanks to our court covers specially designed for this sport. The expertise acquired over decades of experience in sports court coverings and thorough control of the entire supply chain and every stage of production enable Favaretti Group to produce high-performance, customized and certified covers for padel courts.

Each cover is custom-designed by our in-house technical office in compliance with FIT (Federazione Italiana Tennis) regulations and is supplied with an NTC2018-compliant technical report that certifies the material and guarantees resistance against earthquakes, wind and snow loads as required by local regulations.

Padel canopy: the advantages of choosing Favaretti

Group 14

Technical report compliant with NTC2018

Group 16

Project design of building works included

Group 17

Hot-dip galvanizing and stove enamelling to ensure the best possible resistance to corrosion

Group 15

Design, production and installation of the cover and courts coordinated by a single contact person

Customized padel covers with Favaretti: accessories

Padel tensile structures with opening side walls

The perfect solution to guarantee quick and easy opening even with just one operator. We create PVC walls (with a variety of color options) with wind bracing, an agile sliding system and pedestrian entrances or, alternatively, with rigid windows in polycarbonate, in glass or with opaque panels, ideal for enhancing the elegance and performance of the structure.

Padel courts with heating system

To heat your padel court, we supply and install the latest generation of high-efficiency class A condensing boilers that assure significant benefits in terms of efficiency, comfort and energy savings. We size the boiler according to the climate zone, the internal volume and the chosen membrane. We offer solutions with a wall-mounted boiler and internal air heater as well as classic floor-standing solutions with air ducting.

Padel covers with LED lighting system

Our experts can develop state-of-the-art LED systems in compliance with FIT guidelines and with the correct sizing of the projectors. A detail that greatly improves the playing experience. A detail that greatly improves the playing experience.

Padel tensile structures with removable sheets

Completely waterproof tarpaulins that can be easily removed during the summer to obtain an open court.

Padel canopy with gutters and downspouts

We complete your cover with accessories designed to channel rainwater into collection pits to prevent puddles of water from forming on the outer perimeter of the court.

Membranes for padel covers

Choose among three different types of membranes:

Padel canopies with single membrane

made of PVC, it offers protection against the sun and weather.

Padel canopies with double inflated membrane

made with air cushions, it provides a reasonable degree of insulation.

Covered padel courts with double false ceiling membrane

a double membrane capable of hiding the metal structure, eliminating internal condensation and providing excellent summer/winter insulation.

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