Padel courts construction​

Padel Courts

Designed to play the best matches

High-quality tracks fully designed and manufactured in-house with wide scope for customization.

Available colors


Courts designed in compliance with the norms of every single Regions
Compliant with EN1090 and CE certified
Technical report and ground works projects
Hot-dip galvanization and high-quality painting process. 10 years warranty against corrosion!
Safety glass compliant

Building a padel court, the types to choose from


The panoramic court par excellence.
Perfect in all weather conditions.

  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Laser cutting technology
  • Custom painting
  • Shockproof wire mesh
  • No visible screws
  • Extra wind resistance

panoramic LT

Classic Favaretti durability at an unbeatable price. Indoor version.
  • Laser cutting technology
  • Custom painting
  • Unbeatable lightness
  • Shockproof wire mesh
  • No visible screws


The super-panoramic court for the most exclusive events. Unrivalled design and aesthetics for indoor venues.
  • Laser cutting technology
  • Custom painting
  • Shockproof wire mesh
  • Aesthetics

panoramic 1vs1

The solution for those with limited space and for those who want to train like real pros.
  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Laser cutting technology
  • Custom painting
  • Shockproof wire mesh
  • No visible screws
  • Extra wind resistance


Your customers tread the court feeling like champions

Customising your padel court starts with the turf. We supply only the best grounds available on the market in a variety of colours.

Fibrillated turf for padel courts

Turf characterised by a unique fibrillation alignment pattern: the denser and longer cutting sequence allows for progressive fibrillation and the fibres that make up the mat retain excellent friction, resilience and abrasion resistance for longer.

Remarkable aesthetics and durability!

Monofilament turf for padel

Thanks to the central fibre rib and its straight structure, this turf is characterised by improved resilience: the fibres recover their original shape after the player steps or the ball hits. The rebound is quicker, smoother and regular and contributes to less wear and tear on the ball itself.

Textured turf for padel courts

State-of-the-art artificial turf system consisting of semi-concave straight monofilaments with a central rib and silica sand infill. The ultimate turf, this model was also used for the centre court for the World Padel Tour!

The temporary court

Construction of platform base padel courts

We have developed a temporary court, a mobile padel court platform that requires no masonry work and can be installed anywhere. With this solution, we build padel courts on platforms that can be moved at any time and for any eventuality.
  • No building work is required.
  • Safety regulations are not required.
  • The temporary court accommodates any type of Favaretti court.
  • The players’ experience is unchanged.

Favaretti powered by Dunlop

constructing high-level padel courts

We are Dunlop Sport’s European partner. By purchasing the exclusive Favaretti Powered by Dunlop court, clubs can access a variety of benefits and increase the perceived value of their centre.

This partnership puts those who invest in the industry at the centre, to give more to their players every day.

These are the main benefits of installing a Favaretti court powered by Dunlop:

Free supply to the club of Dunlop technical material to start the in-house proshop.
Reliability and recognisability of two internationally known brands.
Access to the Dunlop circuit: discounts and reserved events.

Padel court build and maintenance: Favaretti padel covers

In addition to the courts, we also design and manufacture specific padel court covers: tailor-made, customized and certified solutions, which will allow you to enjoy the court all year round!

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