Favaretti Padel: about us

Favaretti's strength, experience and expertise

Active for forty years in the field of swimming pool covers and for more than twenty years in the construction and installation of tensile structures for sport and industry, Favaretti Group has put its many years of experience in the sports facilities sector to good use by applying it to a rapidly growing sport: padel.

Thanks to the know-how and dedication of our in-house technical team, today, Favaretti Group has become a leader in the design and installation of padel courts.

Favetti Padel: your dedicated padel courts expert

Favaretti Group deals with every stage of the project: we have in-house technical, carpentry and cover fabric departments with everything we need to independently design and build every detail of your padel court.

We cover all aspects of product development, ranging from obtaining permits to construction work, including design and actual production, assuring you the quality and attention to detail you are looking for in your court.

Favaretti certifications: quality and safety

Quality, innovation and development are the cornerstones of our work. From the choice of suppliers and materials to distribution, we monitor all phases of our projects to ensure compliance with current regulations and guarantee excellent performance, as demonstrated by the certifications we have obtained:

ISO 9001:2015 certification

International quality certification issued by the QCB certification body for achieving excellent organizational standards in processes and our customer-focused approach.

SOA OS33 certification

MANDATORY certification for participation in tenders for the execution of works in the “special covering” category.

SOA OG1 certification

MANDATORY certification for participation in tenders for the execution of public works, in particular for civil and industrial buildings.

Padel covers: choose Favaretti

Favaretti Group has many years of experience in the sports and industrial roofing sector. We create and install customized solutions for every need.